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Gundam Claims

Claim a Gundam and Gundam Character!

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Welcome to Gundam Claims! Here you can claim any character and/or gundam from any Gundam show you like! ^_^ Every community needs a couple of rules, so here's just a few:


1- Everyone may have TWO claims. They can be a couple, a weapon, a character, a gundam, or anything else you want related to gundams! (If it's a characters, please state her/his First and Last name)

2- Please post what anime/manga your claim is from. I'm not an expert on every gundam show ya know. ^_^;;

3- Make sure to check the claims list to see if your gundam and character is not already taken!

4- You MUST be a member to claim something. PLEASE join before claiming! Thanks..^_^;;

5- Post your claim in an entry, not a comment!!

6- You may have extra claims if you make a banner or icon for the community. 1 icon/banner equals one extra claim! If you're worried about someone taking someone you really want, you may go ahead and claim them and I will hold that claim for you for 3 weeks until you can make something for the community. If you don't make something within 3 weeks of your second claim, it will be eligible for someone else to claim.

8- You may switch claims whenever you wish.

9- And remember to BE NICE to everyone!

Those are the rules everyone! If you guys follow them, I'll be happy! ^_^ Enjoy the comm!

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