Hello. I would like to claim Rey za Burrel from Gundam SEED Destiny for character claiming and Duel Gundam from Gundam SEED for Gundam claiming if it is possible.

Thank you very much in adavcne!
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New Icon Challenge Community

To the Mods: I'm sorry if you feel that i'm stepping on your toes with this post, feel free to delete if you want.

To Everyone: I've started a new Community. It's an Icon Challenge. If you make 100 icons you get a great looking banner plus major bragging rights. So if you're interested head on over to gwicon100

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I would like to claim the MSN-04 Sazabi Mobile Suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack movie.
I would also like to claim the Musha Gundam Bakunetsumaru from the Superior Defender Gundam Force series.

Thankyou very much!!